NM LTD. is a group of scientists who specialize in mathematics and computer sciences. Our mission is to create a well-designed, high performance, extensively tested, and professionally documented engineering library so that everyone can easily access and use the mathematical algorithms published, from simply multiplying matrices to numerically solving SDE. We also provide consulting services on financial engineering, trading strategies, artificial intelligence, optimization and statistical modeling.


– Master or above (research-oriented) in Computer Science, Mathematics or related disciplines – Expert in Java – Understanding of Java Memory Model – Solid understanding of object-oriented design and software engineering – Understanding of complexity theory and be able to analyse algorithms – Design pattern a MUST– professional experience in multi-threaded programming a MUST– In-depth knowledge of object-oriented technologies – Familiar with IDE’s such as NetBeans, Eclipse, JBuilder, IntelliJ – Knowledge of unit testing framework like JUnit – Understanding of software engineering principles